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French wine at Local Table&Tap

Local Heroes #4: Cave de l’Ormarine

Like baguettes and cheese, wine is a major part of both French culture and the image France evokes around the world. And since we at Local Table&Tap believe top quality products to be vitally important, our selection of wines come from the wine country par excellence, France. Pinet, a small village in the South of France – just a stone’s throw from Montpellier – is the home of vintner Frédérique ‘Fred’ Sumien and his winery Cave de l’Ormarine. Our hostess Sylvie lived in this region for many years and knows the winegrowers of Cave de l’Ormarine well. She has personally selected the best wines for you. The originality of Ormarine’s terroir dates back 2,000 years and gives the wines a strong character. With a variety of notes – spicy, sweet, floral, fruity and slightly bitter – every wine lover is sure to find their favourite in this broad assortment.

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