Local Heroes #1: The Drunken Horse Gin - Local Table Tap
Local Hero The Drunken Horse Gin at Local - Table & Tap.

Local Heroes #1: The Drunken Horse Gin

Did you know that you can have a taste of an award-winning gin at Local Table&Tap? Our restaurant serves an exceptional piece of craftsmanship, The Drunken Horse Gin. The three close friends Benoit, Tom and Wim share a passion for gin which goes beyond consuming it. Their search for the perfect gin led them to an old market in Kathmandu where they discovered timut pepper, the holy grail of their unique botanical mix. The fact that the Drunken Horse Gin is distilled and bottled in Antwerp, makes it a real Local Hero.

Vismarkt 16
2800 Mechelen


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Vismarkt 16
2800 Mechelen

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